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I love participating in Sims FilmFest (SIFF).  They have a great magazine called Insider and the March 7, 2017 issue (Season 15 Issue 5) has some nice articles about some of my videos.  Take a look!

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Out of Focus - Episodes.

OOF Episode 1
OOF Episode 2
OOF Episode 3
OOF Episode 4
OOF Episode 5

Out of Focus is my latest Anime-style Sims2 Voice-over series.  Episode One was published on May 28th, 2016.  Episode Five was released April 4th, 2017.

Out of Focus tells the story of a teenage girl, Kadence Tandler, who is being guided (pushed) into a modeling career by her ambitious mom.  Juggling school and modeling, Kadence goes through the struggles of every teenage girl – and then some – and Kadence's modeling adventures, much to her discomfort have East High School buzzing with gossip.  Another student at East HS is Hannah:  Hannah is a shy, quiet girl who prefers to keep to herself, but she has the attention of Zachary, a popular and nice guy on campus.  Kadence has had a crush on Zachary since the first day she walked into East High, and is anguished that Hannah seems to have stolen Zachary from her.  Kadence is determined to not let Hannah get away with what she’s done.  As Kadence's career begins to heat up, it becomes more than she bargained for:  She finds herself paired in a photoshoot with male model Shawn Cravens, a young star in the modeling industry who has already made a name for himself.  Kadence finds Shawn to be rude and full of himself, and she vows to never work with him again.  Unfortunately Kadence's agent, and her mother, have different plans.  To add insult to injury, Kadence finds herself forced to feign a 'relationship' with Shawn – for publicity's sake – after a successful photoshoot has fans and clients begging for more!


Intertwined - Episodes.

Intertwined Episode 1
Intertwined Episode 2

Intertwined is something new for me; it's part contemporary, part gothic fantasy.  Or something.  Episode One was published on March 5th, 2017.

Outside of the real world, a realm of magic and evil exists. Alaina, who is about to turn 18, does not know she is both witch and demon, making her a rare hybrid known as a Darkulist. Unfortunately, Alaina does not know the spell that was placed on to protect her wears off when she turns 18, making her presence known to demons and witches. A mysterious stranger comes to her rescue, and tells her that he was sent to protect her from the demons who are looking for incredible powers to gain control over the witches.



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